A little about our school

The school has a fully equipped computer centre and has all reasonable coaching facilities for sport practises..

Derdepoort Primary School is a well-known and leading school that has notable status in the education - and broader community. High education standards and quality education forms the basis of our success. A healthy balance is maintained between education, sport and culture. We do well on all terrains, mainly because of our motivated team approach, excellent facilities and training.
The school is professionally managed by a dynamic school governing body, principal and educators with active involvement by the parent community. Our old learners are worthy ambassadors of a proudly, happy and loyal school community.

Our Aim

Is to develop children's skills.

Our Activites

Sport lessons

Drawing lessons

Music lessons

History lessons

Nature lessons

Math lessons

The school’s primary goal is to provide excellent and quality education to our community. We strive to establish Christian values and norms for future development that forms the basis for life skills. Through cultural and sport activities we try to develop and strengthen the learner’s character and health. We acknowledge the achievements of the individual and groups. Personal development and independent behaviour forms an integrated part of our guidance. The school strives to be an effective organisation through strong leadership and commitment of all role players in our community.


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